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Retractable Leashes are Dangerous

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leashesThis type of leash poses problems for people and pets. There was 16,564 hospital related injuries to people in the year 2007 according to Consumer Product Safety Commission ,   23.5 % of these injuries were related to the fingers.  The CPSC’s ( data does not parse the leashes into types but it’s likely that most of the finger amputations performed were caused by injury sustained from using this type of leash.

Most common injuries were burn and cuts on the hand from trying to hold or grab the line as it rapidly goes out of the handle when the pet pulls away from it’s owner.  There are warnings on the leash label,  “to avoid of the risk of eye or face injury, cuts, burns and amputation to your body or body of another from the leash cord/tape….”

In addition, dogs may suffer injury to their necks and backs when they are suddenly jerked to a stop whey they run out the length of the leash.

Professional dog trainers and Veterinarians agree these leashes offer no control over the pet. Most most owners allow the full length of the leash to be out, and when their pet confronts another animal there is no retracting of the leash without gripping the cord/tape. This causes the injury to the clients hand, and needless to say their pet continues to pull forward endangering themselves with confrontations of others.  To learn more just click on this link:

When walking your dog use a good manageable leash, one that controls your dog while being safe for your hand and body. Most importantly, take your dog to behavioral/obedience classes to help teach you and them how to correctly walk on a leash .


With a well trained dog, your walks will be more enjoyable, no longer will your arms and shoulder hurt from being pulled and dragged.

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