Jul 12 2016

Probiotics- Healthy Gut


Pets like their owners may suffer from an unhealthy gut.  Their stomach and intestinal tract may become inflamed from chronic irritants, such as reaction to foods, medications and internal parasites. Chronic irritate to the gut may cause ulceration, leaking gut syndrome, loss of protein, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, gas and abdominal pain. Giving them a probiotic will help heal their GI tract.

The Veterinarians at Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital recommend for their patients Entero by Veterinary Recommended Solutions.


What Makes Entero TruBenefits™ Unique?

The gastrointestinal tract is the largest immune organ in the body, beginning in the mouth and ending with the large bowel. Unlike other pre/probiotics, Entero TruBenefits™ also includes an oral health component and is formulated to continuously support your pet’s oral and gastrointestinal health from mouth to tail. This product contains a phylaxobiotic™ (for oral health), a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, their required nutrient source and natural gut stabilizers that offer many benefits. 

Oral Health Indications – Use in young patients and after oral procedures (including cleanings) to:

– support healthy teeth and gums
– promote normal periodontal health
– naturally promote fresh breath

Gastrointestinal Indications – Use for long-term gastrointestinal health to: 

– help maintain proper gut flora
– support normal digestion and bowel function
– help maintain the protective layers of the bowel

If you believe your pet will benefit from a healthy gut ask your Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital veterinarian for your pet’s first bottle. To keep your pet on the way to recovery enroll in our auto-ship program so Entero will be delivered right to your house!



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