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    Has Your Dog had It’s Flu Shot?

    Oct 05 2017

    gwilliams | Dogs, Vaccines

    Canine Influenza has raised it’s evil head in the Southern States, especially Florida, so snow birds traveling south this winter, please read. Canine influenza or dog flu is a highly…

  • Ticks are Disgusting – Why not prevent?

    May 01 2017

    gwilliams | Dogs, parasites, Pet Health, Uncategorized

    Every year the staff at Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital in Macomb recommends Tick prevention to all pets. Every year clients hesitate to use prevention since they don’t believe their yards…

  • Dental Disease is Harmful to Pets

    Feb 09 2017

    gwilliams | Cat Health, cats, Dental Disease, Dogs

    Why is Dental Care so important?  Like humans proper care of our pet’s mouth is essential to their overall health. Tooth pain from loose teeth, cavities, exposed dentin (cracked or…

  • Lyme Disease

    Aug 05 2015

    petsahoyblog | Dogs, Uncategorized

    Lyme disease is a well known tick borne disease in humans and dogs. Both species become infected with Borrelia burgdorferi during the feeding off the host by the tick. According…

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    May 21 2015

    gwilliams | Dogs

    The new canine virus H3N2 that has made so many dogs ill or die in Chicago has now spread to other states. This is now becoming a concern for many…

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    Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

    Feb 23 2015

    gwilliams | diabetes, Dogs

    This past week two of my patients were diagnosed with this disease. In our educational pet health articles, the disease and treatment are discussed. Click here to read The…

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    Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Winter

    Jan 28 2015

    gwilliams | cats, Dogs, General Health, Pet Health

    Your Border Collie Arthur and his friends absolutely love the outdoors, the more snow for them to play in the better.  While Arthur enjoys cold, brisk weather, he’s probably not…

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    Retractable Leashes are Dangerous

    Oct 13 2014

    gwilliams | Dogs, Pet Health

    This type of leash poses problems for people and pets. There was 16,564 hospital related injuries to people in the year 2007 according to Consumer Product Safety Commission ,   23.5…

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    Flea & Tick Control – Many Choices

    Jun 24 2014

    gwilliams | cats, Dogs, parasites, Pet Health

    Ticks and Fleas can harm our pet’s health by infecting them with potential deadly diseases. Ticks spread Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis. Fleas infests pets with tapeworm. There are numerous…