• Ticks are Disgusting – Why not prevent?

    May 01 2017

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    Every year the staff at Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital in Macomb recommends Tick prevention to all pets. Every year clients hesitate to use prevention since they don’t believe their yards…

  • Probiotics- Healthy Gut

    Jul 12 2016

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      Pets like their owners may suffer from an unhealthy gut.  Their stomach and intestinal tract may become inflamed from chronic irritants, such as reaction to foods, medications and internal…

  • Lyme Disease

    Aug 05 2015

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    Lyme disease is a well known tick borne disease in humans and dogs. Both species become infected with Borrelia burgdorferi during the feeding off the host by the tick. According…

  • Pet Health Exams

    Jun 22 2015

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    Cats and dogs are capable of hiding symptoms of illness. This is an instinctive behavior protects them against predators or the dominant animals in their pack. It is not until…

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    What Do You Want From Veterinarians?

    Jan 15 2015

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    After 8 years of college and numerous hours of continuing education to remain knowledgeable about veterinary medicine, we as veterinarians still strive to learn more about our patients. But what…

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    Dec 17 2014

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    There have been independent studies done to determine the longevity of protection our pets receive from vaccinations. Most studies are done by the drug companies that manufacture the vaccines, so…

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    Sep 04 2014

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       Now a days we are all forced to accept sub-par service from most businesses. It is a rare delight to actually be greeted with a smile and receive a…

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    Vacationing with Pets

    Jul 24 2014

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      While on my family vacation, I could not help notice all the pets enjoying vacations with their families! According to the U.S. Travel Association, there has been an upward…