• It is Tick Season Time to Protect your Pets!

    No pet is safe from getting bite by a tick or flea. These parasites suck blood and spread diseases. Lyme disease is just one disease ticks carry from host to host.
    Click here to read up on protecting your pets.

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  • golden retriever dog in autumn

    Fall has arrived in Macomb

    As the nights get colder the fleas are seeking a warm body to survive on. Protect your pet against those pesky fleas. We can help you get the best flea prevention for your pet today! Click here to find out more information from Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital on flea control.

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  • Invest in your pet’s smile- A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

    Learn more about dental disease and how to keep your pet’s smile healthy. Click here

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  • Welcome to Pets Ahoy!

    Your local veterinarian servicing Macomb, Clinton Township, Shelby, and Chesterfield! Contact us today for your veterinary hospital appointment!

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  • Veterinary Services Available

    Pets Ahoy Animal Hospital located in Macomb, MI offers a wide variety of veterinary services! These services include: Medical Assessments, Nutritional Counseling, Preventative Services & more!

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  • Wellness Plans at Pets Ahoy!

    5-15% off most Medical Services
    5% off Boarding (we only board cats, sorry canine friends!)
    Affordable with Monthly Payments!

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Pets Ahoy is a small hospital with a huge heart beating to the rhythm of client education, personalized service and quality pet health care.

We treat our patients and clients like they are family members.

Contact us with your questions or schedule an appointment.

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